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America is at a critical junction in its evolving history. Civic education has disappeared from high schools, and many people don’t understand the founding principles of our nation. First Amendment Voice (FAV) has a goal to keep the American citizenry informed and educated about First Amendment rights. In addition, where there are disparities like freedom of speech being repressed on college campuses or people of faith feeling uncomfortable voicing their religious convictions, FAV helps mobilize partners, stakeholders, and members to advocate for the protection of Constitutional rights for all Americans as afforded in the First Amendment. FAV is a nonpartisan, inclusive membership organization that brings multi-ethnic and multi-faith organizations and people together in order to promote education, awareness and advocacy of first amendment principles and issues.

As a citizen, we are sending this special invitation to you to join us and be a part of a powerful and growing national alliance to remain informed as we advocate for the protection of freedom of religion, speech, free press, the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances as guaranteed in the First Amendment.

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  5. Consideration to become a state level delegate for FAV
  6. As a part of this national base, your voice is strengthened and reinforced by like-minded leaders as we collectively address issues of importance.

As Benjamin Franklin once said,

“Either we stand together or we will surely hang separately.”

In order to renew America, we must renew, together, the authority that is meant to be secured by the First Amendment. We want you to add your voice to this clarion call. By joining the FAV Alliance today, as a member, you will lend your name and commitment as we strive to build an America where our First Amendment rights are protected and presented as a beacon for every citizen. As a member, you will receive our e-newsletters, briefings on critical issues, educational materials, a network of first amendment experts, and the opportunity to participate in important events.