A Newsweek article that describes a desperate state of affairs with respect to free expression on college campuses. To quote the article briefly below, this paragraph sums up the current climates on mangy college campuses.

“Graduates of the Class of 2016 are leaving behind campuses that have become petri dishes of extreme political correctness and heading out into a world without trigger warnings, safe spaces and free speech zones, with no rules forbidding offensive verbal conduct or microaggressions, and where the names of cruel, rapacious capitalists are embossed in brass and granite on buildings across the land.”



This Economist article discusses free speech getting repressed around the world and puts U.S. college campuses in that context.



This Christian Science Monitor article provides survey data indicating that students exercising the right to freedom of assembly is up and provides some rationale for why that might be.


This Seattle Times article provides a specific example of students protesting on a campus about a program’s curriculum. You be the judge of whether their grievances are justified.

Seattle Times: Too many ‘dead white dudes’? Seattle U students protest program’s curriculum


The following New York Times op-ed describes how many of our colleges may have journeyed to a state of intolerance with respect to freedom of speech.



The following blog describes another example of where only certain progressive ideas are being promoted while others rooted in the protection of family or religious conviction are disregarded.