We realize that our link from Saturday’s email needed fixing. Here it is if you didn’t get to read the rest of our update on postponing programing from FAV thru May 1. We the people, are in some uncharted waters with respect to public health. As a result of many people being home and more engaged, I wanted to send some inspiration from California. Here are some things you can do to “hug” your family and neighbors in far off, or maybe quarantined, locations.

Give a telephonic hug – check in on your family and elderly neighbors in particular. Think about those most susceptible to the virus, over 65, and reach out. That said, resist the urge to physically go visit them. You don’t want to accidentally transmit the virus to someone in a high risk category. For more on this, watch Max Brooks and Mel Brooks do a funny public awareness video to educate both young and old. #DontBeASpreader

Practice Digital Detox with your loved ones – as part of a new coffee talk program we will release this year, we will emphasize the neurological benefits of exercising deep thinking and reflective parts of the brain. So…. while you are quarantined in your home with family, play a board game, read a real book, or do a puzzle together. Your mind will be exercised in different ways than when you have a cell phone, iPad or computer in your hands. Turn off the bells and whistles and go analog for a while each day. Exercise helps to. Leave the iPhone at home on your run or bike ride. Take a walk with your spouse and hold his or her hand. Practice gratitude by writing a thank you note or letter to someone you have been meaning to connect with.

Seek multiple sources of news – are you one of the millions of Americans who question whether you can believe what you hear in the news. A tried and true method to help dispel the fog is to vary your media sources. You will get more ideas and information. If worried about COVID-19, tune in to the CDC (@CDCgov) to get updates from the federal level, but don’t ignore local sources like your congressional office, city council or chamber of Congress. Local radio, television and print media can also be important information to tap into while determining changes to local health conditions.

At the end of the day, the crisis is going to get worse over the next couple of months. The silver lining springs from people reaching out to each other, via phone or video, to maintain connections and bases of support. The economic and emotional toll will play out. Let’s think beyond ourselves to our neighbors and extended families to bring us closer together in time of crisis.

Thank you for your compassion and leadership,


Upcoming Events

We are working on virtual programming and will put out a notice as we get events scheduled.