FAV Colleagues,

Are you going stir crazy in your home, sheltering in place? When I was in combat, which seems to be the terminology that politicians on the left and right are using to speak about the pandemic, soldiers found it hard to see daily progress. Each day seemed repetitious with boring tasks interrupted by crises or high octane missions like combat patrols in dangerous areas. Some people may feel that way. Maybe a trip to the grocery store heightens anxiety. Maybe your daily routine seems overly repetitive to the point that so many Zoom meetings can’t solve.

FAV recently introduced a new coffee talk program, Digital Detox, that explores how we are all addicted to technology, many times without our knowledge. Tech firms have used complex neuroscience to engineer addictive qualities into the tools we use in everyday life, whether iPhones, laptops, tablets or even our automobiles. Learn more about the pervasive addictive qualities of technology and how to leverage it for good while minimizing the unhealthy aspects in our lives.

While you’re at it, let FAV help break up the monotony by inspiring you and others to make a difference in your community. Citizenship is not a spectator sport. Become a member during our June membership drive and help us bring programming like Digital Detox to others. Sign up for monthly automatic donations at $10/month or greater, and we’ll send you our new FAV T-shirt. Learn more at https://firstamendmentvoice.org/help-others-findtheirvoice/

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Steve & the FAV Team