Take a moment to imagine a lighthouse. It’s perched on a seaside cliff, overlooking the dark, stormy seas below and weathering tremendous gusts of wind from all sides. Even amidst the most torrential storms, the lighthouse fulfills its core purpose by continuing to cast a bright glow into the distance, giving hope and direction to sailors navigating the turbulent seas on their own vessels. 

First Amendment Voice is just like that lighthouse. In 2020, we experienced some of the stormiest moments of our lives, including but not limited to the pandemic, protests, politics, natural disasters, and then some. Like the lighthouse, FAV remained steadfast through these storms by adapting to social distancing regulations with virtual programming alternatives, expanding our trove of valuable resources to reinvigorate civic advocacy efforts, and becoming a beacon of hope for citizens navigating waves of rocky discourses in their own lives. 

The seemingly relentless political polarization in the U.S. has only reinforced our mission to invigorate Americans to understand and exercise First Amendment rights through a collaborative campaign of awareness, education, advocacy, and facilitation.

If you’re not yet a member of First Amendment Voice, we need your help. Just as a lighthouse requires people and resources to fulfill its purpose, FAV needs people and resources to ensure we’re able to share our light with others who feel as though they’re drowning in the seas of destructive discourses all around us. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should join FAV this year:

Access Exclusive Member Perks

FAV offers a tremendous variety of exciting events for the public throughout the year, and many of these events include members-only perks such as the VIP reception after our National Symposium panels in the fall, discounts or special access to FAV workshops, exclusive discussion opportunities, and so much more.

Get Research-Packed Advocacy Resources

Early in 2021, we released our first FAV-exclusive white paper entitled “Pandemic of Polarization: How America’s 2-Party System, Social Media and Our Brains Poisoned Civil Discourse (and What We Can Do About It).” In addition to producing new content with in-depth analyses and research from the most credible sources available, we also offer useful tools and handouts for members to help them become stronger civic advocates in their own communities. 

Our blog is free-of-access to members and non-members alike; with your membership, FAV may continue enhancing its efforts to share the most up-to-date, trustworthy and accurate information on issues relating to the First Amendment, political polarization trends, media bias, and civic advocacy both within the U.S. and abroad.

Receive a Free FAV T-Shirt

We currently have an exciting offer for members who sign up for recurring monthly donations of $10 or more: a free FAV t-shirt in your size! 
If you’re ready to escape the negativity and become a “light” of civil discourse in your own community, join FAV this year and experience all the benefits our rapidly-growing organization has to offer.